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What is a live image?
A static camera is placed in a short video which is looped so that it is impossible to predict when it ends. It is an “infinite” animation of elements such as vegetation, the sky or moving water waves.
What are the advantages of a live image over a visualization?
The extra benefit of a live image is that it is an animation capable of captivating the human eye more effectively than a still, motionless image. Live images are also more realistic since they portray natural elements as we know them from the world around us – in motion.
What are the advantages of a live image over an animation?
Live images are a more affordable alternative compared to a full-fledged animation which is more challenging to create.
Where should live images be preferably used?
For example HP websites. As it is a relatively short loop, the video is not data intensive. Moreover, the format is suitable for social media, where the loop is mostly created by itself. Additionally, live images can be used in advertising formats.

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