We have developed a simple tool for product and surface configuration which assists your clients with selection and helps you with your sales. Photorealistic configurator respects the scene illumination which changes depending on each configuration. This is a significant advantage over conventional 2D configurators which work only on the basis of surface overlays. With each variation, the real effect of surfaces and equipment on the specific environment can be observed. We not only offer a configurator working with a static camera, but also a progressive 360° configurator variant working with a rotatable camera.


What benefit does the configurator bring?
The configurator is a useful tool which allows the users to imagine different combinations of materials, colors and products. It is a great assistant for both the client, helping them with surface or product selection, and the seller, effectively boosting their sales.
How is the Archevio configurator different from other configurators?
Our configurator differs primarily by the high quality of the individual variations. Whereas conventional configurators work on the principle of overlapping 2D layers, our configurator is fully functional in 3D and respects the laws of physics. As a result, we are able to show the real effect of a particular color combination on its environment. A typical example of this is that a light floor illuminates the interior, while a dark floor has the opposite effect.
If I order your configurator, can I choose the scene in which the configuration will take place?
Yes, we are able to build you a scene tailored to your liking.
Is it possible to combine more scenes?
Yes, we can make the configuration take place in multiple different scenes which are mutually connected so that it is possible to freely move between them (e.g. from a kitchen to a living room or a bathroom).