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A unique configuration tool  for products and surfaces in photorealistic quality, which helps customers with selection and you with sales.

archevio konfigurator ukazka tapety – Archevio

Key features

/ creation of a 3D scene tailored to the presented product
/ ready-made solution, easy implementation on your own website
/ simple and attractive overview of the offered products in one place
/ realistic behavior of reflections, light, shadows
/ designed for business

ikona materialy – Archevio


/ floors
/ paving and tiling
/ wallpapers

ikona real estate – Archevio

Real estate

/ choice of standards
/ virtual home staging
/ presentation of design proposals

ikona produkty – Archevio


/ bathtubs, pools, hot tubs, pergolas
/ stove, shading technology
/ appliances, lamps

The configurator works with a static camera or in a 360° view with the possibility of rotating the camera.

konfigurator static vs 360 – Archevio

Main features

custom logo in the configurator   X
download the selected scene in JPG format
inserting text into the downloaded scene – image   X
inserting your own logo into the downloaded image   X
inserting the QR code into the downloaded image   X
share (Facebook, email, url, Pinterest, QR code) X X
full screen X X
single-level filtering   X
analytics – own Google analytics   X
CTA button according to the selected scene (call to action)   X
product information – PIN (buttons in the scene) – 1x   X
1 3
embed code for your own website   X

Extra bonuses

/ the configurator works with images – so you get many high-quality visualizations for social networks, catalogs, flyers at the same time
/ materials will be created in 3D for other possible formats (live images, interactive models, etc.)
/ the configurator can easily put your entire business network on the website and you can have control over the content
/ the configurator can be created gradually (only a part of the variants can be put into operation and expanded in the future)


/ the possibility of connection with other configurators – scenes
/ other language mutations
/ more PINS (infopoints)
/ automatic selection of the selected scene according to the system time of the computer (at night it loads the night scene), dates, weather
/ remote control for mobile phones
/ download the scene only by providing an email (sending the scene to the visitor’s email)
/ advanced product filtering
/ CTA module for lead capture (form)
/ custom loading symbol

Bonusy navíc

/ konfigurátor pracuje s obrázky – získáte tak současně mnoho kvalitních vizualizací pro sociální sítě, katalogy, letáky
/ vzniknou podklady ve 3D pro další možné formáty (živé obrazy, interaktivní modely apod.)
/ konfigurátor si může snadno na web vložit celá vaše obchodní síť a vy můžete mít kontrolu nad obsahem
/ konfigurátor je možné tvořit postupně (zprovoznit jen část variant a v budoucnu rozšířit)

archevio konfigurator ukazky 2 – Archevio

Operation and price

The operation of the configurator is ensured on the ARCHEVIO server with a simple option of embedding it on your own website. The price consists of these items:

creation of 3D models of products and textures if not supplied, according to specific documents
creation of product modifications if not supplied, according to specific documents
design and creation of a 3D scene (environment) custom product creation or selection from the library
inserting products into the scene, creating variants according to the number of variants
installing the BASIC configurator see feature overview
installing the PRO configurator see feature overview
basic settings  

Operation, maintenance and updates are for a fee of EUR 15 / 1 configurator (scene) / 1 year. Based on a specific request, we will send you a price offer. Contact us!

Examples of configurators

Materials – bathroom (link to new window)

Wallpapers (link to new window)

Appliances (link to new window)

Modules – exterior (link to a new window)

Interior 360° (link to a new window)


What benefit does the configurator bring?

The configurator is a useful tool which allows the users to imagine different combinations of materials, colors and products. It is a great assistant for both the client, helping them with surface or product selection, and the seller, effectively boosting their sales.

How is the Archevio configurator different from other configurators?

Our configurator differs primarily by the high quality of the individual variations. Whereas conventional configurators work on the principle of overlapping 2D layers, our configurator is fully functional in 3D and respects the laws of physics. As a result, we are able to show the real effect of a particular color combination on its environment. A typical example of this is that a light floor illuminates the interior, while a dark floor has the opposite effect.

If I order your configurator, can I choose the scene in which the configuration will take place?

Yes, we are able to build you a scene tailored to your liking.

Is it possible to combine more scenes?

Yes, we can make the configuration take place in multiple different scenes which are mutually connected so that it is possible to freely move between them (e.g. from a kitchen to a living room or a bathroom).

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