We have developed our own AR system capable of placing 3D models of buildings and products in their intended environment, enabling a tour from the comfort of your home or directly from the construction site. There is no need to download any app with Archevio AR as it works right after scanning a QR code or opening a link.


What is AR?
Thanks to AR, your phone or tablet camera is able to place virtual objects into the environment around you.
How is your AR solution different from other AR apps on the market?
Archevio developed its own manner of displaying AR objects so that it is the easiest for clients to use. The main advantage is that the user does not have to dowload any app, they just need to scan a QR code or open a link, and the AR will launch itself. Another unique function of Archevio AR is the connection of AR and dynamic models (see Dynamic models section).
Does AR run on any device?
AR runs on most of the Android and iOS devices which have AR support. The list of devices with AR support can be found here:
What is the best internet browser for Archevio AR?
We recommend using Google Chrome on Android devices, and Safari on iOS.