Interactive model

Effective way of displaying 3D models which can be embedded into your website. With Archevio interactive models you can, for example, demonstrate a building with its floor plan or a standalone product.


Interactive building model


Interactive product model


What is a interactive model?

It is a 3D representation of an object/product on a website, whereby you are able to freely rotate the object and view it from every angle.

What makes your interactive models different?

We are capable of connecting the interactive model to augmented reality (AR), enabling you to view a product in your surroundings straight away using your mobile phone.

Is it possible to modify the materials and the product within the interactive model?

Yes, we can change color and material variants within the interactive model.

Can the interactivr model be embedded into your website directly?

Yes, we normally link the interactive models to clients’ websites using a code that every client receives.