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Osmont / Carina

Czech lighting manufacturer Osmont is our client whom we appreciate greatly. We are their visualization and animation provider since the beginning of 2021. Over the time, we have built mutual trust and respect for the professional work we do to the best of our ability. For Osmont we have prepared a special service bundle including, among other things, a short and effective product video and light visualizations at different times of the day. Each of the interiors in which we install the lighting is created by our interior designers in accordance with our client’s wishes. This is where the powerful potential of the 3D world becomes apparent. The interior can be designed in any way and then modified as needed, which is considerably easier in virtual 3D space than in the real world. The virtual environment allows us to establish perfect lighting conditions and atmosphere to present the lights as effectively as possible in an environment which truly suits them. We have provided our client with dynamic 3D models of products which serve as a sales support and assist the clients with their selection since they are able to view the lights from every angle.