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Til-Huset / Langaasen Park

We were approached by our Norwegian client, Til-Huset, to create visualizations for the Langaasen Park project. When we were creating the virtual scene, we put great emphasis on the authenticity of the Scandinavian nature and the specific location of the project by carefully selecting 3D models of the local vegetation and by studying the soil type and other surfaces. It was specified by the client that the houses should blend well with the local nature and not be too eye-catching, and that is what we managed to achieve. Aside from exterior and interior visualizations of the individual houses, a large aerial visualization was also created as a cherry on top. This aerial visualization clearly displays the whole layout of this large-scale project and it is worth mentioning that it was created completely in 3D, including the hills and bodies of water in the background. It is a proof that visualizations can be created without background photos and other photo montages. Since we, at Archevio, try to keep things in the 3D environment, we gain the creative freedom and the client gets a wide range of project presentation options.