In order to create an effective support for real estate sales, we have developed a brand new product – cadastral visualization and animation, which is designed primarily for real estate brokers and people dealing with real estate. The cadastral visualization answers several questions for the client using one image. By displaying the cadastral map, the image has a key informational value, as the parcel number including the surrounding parcels can be easily and quickly read, which can ultimately save time not only for the client. The cadastral visualization also shows the possible development of the plot, for example a small house with a garden and flower beds, as can be seen in the preview. However, it is not a problem to realistically show other buildings on the plot, a multi-storey building, a villa or to leave the plot for agricultural use only.

The cadastral visualization works best when accompanied by an emotional visualization, for example from the view from the garden. In this way, the client can get an idea of what the result will look like after the land is purchased.